Gospel Outreach Training Course...


Why sign up for this course?

This course has been put together to encourage, equip and empower Christians around the world to effectively share the Gospel and make disciples. Packed full of step by step training, videos, inspiring stories and apologetics this interactive course is based on many years of practical outreach experience in real life situations. We pray it will be a blessing to both new and experienced outreach workers.

The course has 12 sections with many beginning with a short video followed by a question and answer section. To make the most of this course complete each section in sequence and submit your answers at the end.

Section One: Vision, Strategy and Motivation

Section Two: Spiritual Foundations

Section Three: Spreading the Gospel with Literature

Section Four: Sharing the Gospel 1 on 1

Section Five: Sharing the Gospel with the Groups

Section Six: Keys to Good Communication

Section Seven: GO Teams and GO Outreaches

Section Eight: Keys to Reaching Friends and Family

Section Nine: Apologetics and Key Scriptures

Section Ten: Keys to Overcoming Fear

Section Eleven: The Power of Multiplication

Section Twelve: A Step by Step Plan



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